How Is The APC-Buhari’s ‘CHANGE’ Working Out For You?


Patrick Okpomu wrote: “Yes this is change. $1=370 naira under APC alleged good leadership.

“People are suffering, consumers are weeping, manufacturers are complaining, traders are wailing, Buhari is junketing the globe collecting his traveling allowance in dollars on official rate of 198 naira to change for N370 naira at the open market.

“Lai Muhammed is lying that all is well, our economy has been crippled and buried, investors are leaving instead of coming despite the globetrotting, and EFCC is persecuting instead of prosecuting.

“Nigerians are dying, our budget is in the Intensive Care Unit of the National Assembly undergoing surgical operation as a result of budget padding and inclusion of bogus funds running trillions of naira for non existing projects by the executive and Buhari’s angels, this is the change.”

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