Nnamdi Kanu Rejects FG’s Request For Secret Trial, Court Agrees


Biafra Israel Prince posted “Justice John Tosho Denies FG Secret Trial of Kanu” as follows:

“In what appears more like a successful legal pressure, Justice John Tosho of federal high court has ruled that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) will not be given secret trial. Recall that the prosecution team had filed  a motion for a secret trial on grounds that the witnesses against Kanu are afraid and would only stand for witness if given a secret trial. FG further alleged that IPOB has been violent which will pose a threat to the lives of the witnesses, however the alleged violence is coming without evidence even as IPOB members have been murdered and violently attacked by the Nigeria Army and police while the remained peaceful .

Kanu Rejects Secret Trial

“Meanwhile, countering the plea, the defence team of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, who explicitly argued that trying Kanu in secret would amount to being condemned. “When people are tried in secret, i ask my self, are they already condemned before trial” Muoma had asked in his argument.

“After the submissions and argument, Justice John Tosho held that Kanu will not be tried in secret, citing the reasons of the FG as immature and can’t hold water. He reminded them that is the duty of the Nigerian security to protect whichever witness they have and so ruled that Kanu shall be tried publicly.

“On his second ruling, the trial judge also held that the properties of the second defendant taken during his arrest be returned. The DSS during the arrest of the second defendant has seized and unlawfully confiscated the said properties as listed are Mecedez Benz GL450, Toyota Camry and Rav4 which was forcely taken after he was arrested.

“The prosecution team pleaded that they were not aware of the said properties and would communicate the authority to return the properties to its rightful owner. The case was adjourned to 7, 8, 9, and 10th of March for the provision of witnesses. Ibeh Gift Amarachi and Okonkwo Isaac Somto of family writers, reporting from Federal high court Abuja” – Biafra Israel Prince.

Kanu Rejects Secret Trial2


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