Pro-Biafra Group Sends Petition To The US White House


A pro-Biafra group has petitioned the Obama Administration by using the official online WH platform. To sign the petition CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:

The petition reads as follows:

“The Biafran people are requesting the support of the government and people of USA for the creation of nation of Biafra

“Biafra existed for thousands of years before being forced into Nigeria by the British government in 1914. Now, the people of Biafra want to leave Nigeria and to exist as their own sovereign nation. The Nigerian government in cahoots with Britain has killed over 5 million Biafrans in order to discourage them from pursuing UN-approved self-determination.

“The world continue to keep silent as genocide is continually being visited upon Biafrans. We are therefore, using this petition to call upon the US Government and the good people of America to come to the aid of Biafrans by supporting their quest for the sovereignty of the nation of Biafra. Help us to achieve independence for the nation of Biafra. Support the people of Biafra.

“Let the USA recognize Biafra as a sovereign nation.”