Sunday Oliseh Crashes Out Of Coaching Job After Denying Igbo Ethnicity


Naija Propa, (LinkMoment).

Sunday Oliseh has resigned as Super Eagles coach with immediate effect. One of his reasons was “lack of support”. That’s quite ridiculous when you consider the fact that during his public introduction after getting to the job, Sunday Oliseh shunned his supposed ethnic group – Igbo, who would have been his greatest supporters which run in the millions of people.

Maybe Oliseh was wishing that Ohanaeze Ndigbo would have at least coughed when people were going for his jugglers left and right. Or maybe he was expecting that Anioma cultural groups would have come to his aid?

“My name is actually Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh. And if you are Igbo, I am sorry. Am not Igbo. I actually come from a little village that is called Abavo in Delta State but I grew up in Lagos,” Sunday Oliseh said during his public introduction.

Meanwhile, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) stunned by Oliseh’s sudden resignation is looking into the possibility that Oliseh may have breached his contract, to enable NFF file a suit against him at FIFA.

Vanguard news hotline sources revealed that:

“The (NFF)Lawyers are going to come up with those breaches but you know that he resigned with immediate effect without giving us the mandatory one month notice. He coached the Eagles from Belgium and it was explicitly stated in the contract that he must coach the team based in Nigeria. He already collected money for his accommodation when he never stayed here. It is left for those with Eagle eyes to come up with the breaches”.