Almajiri: Collective Shame Of The Northern Nigeria – Amir Salisu

Amir Salisu, (LinkMoment),
This is our shame in the North. Parent run away from their responsiblities using religious education as a camouflage.
These are some of the menace the youths in the North should start speaking against and not some Biafran protesters in the East, and the baby factory when we want to cover up our sins to ridicule the East or some of the people fighting over former River State governor Ameachi and incumbent governor Wike.
Yes, it’s a shame to see how these under age children poorly clothed are roaming the Northern streets with bowls begging for food remnants. We should talk more of these.
It is one of the thousand things that make me feel bad each time I remember I’m from here. It’s inhumane and degrading for someone to allow his child take part in this gaskia.

By Amir Salisu King Jr.