Mere Mention Of Biafra Drives Fear And Causes Pandemonium In Nigeria Congress


Slik Austin, (LinkMoment).

Information from reliable sources has it that the word Biafra was mentioned at the Nigeria’s parliament and fighting ensued, after a SINator representing what appears to be Boko Haram infested constituency raised a motion for ‘Caliphate’ to be given to his people.

Yet some people in the so called “zoo-country” foolishly think that, the Indigenous People Of Biafra’s (IPOB’s) strategy is not a good one, even when there has never been a time Biafra is dominating discourse than now, since after the genocidal war.

Biafra is being discussed at the British Parliament. The voice of Biafra has been heard at the Vatican, Washington, Canberra, Jerusalem, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Beijing, Brussels, Tokyo, etc.

President Buhari is being harassed with Biafra by the international Journalists each time he makes his incessant travels (described by some as ‘nomadic’ moves). He is so scared of Biafra that he ran away from watching the video of his atrocities committed by his soldiers against innocent Biafran protesters.

To show you how – feasible, viable, possible, inevitable and plausible the restoration of Biafra is: just check how – scared, frightened, fearful, tormented, alarmed, apprehensive, timorous, anguish, miserable and agitated etc., other tribes are by the mere mention of the word Biafra.

Psychology says that anything that is bothering and causing you sleepless nights is important to you. This is the reason why other tribes are acting like fish out of water by the mere mention of Biafra.

In the Biafrans quest to exit from Nigeria, we must knock on every door, anyone that doesn’t open, we enter through the window. We must make deals. We must do everything possible to abandon Nigeria for Nigerians!

By Slik Mgbeahuruike Austin.