In the Midst Of Collapsed Economy, Buhari Buys Another Presidential Jet


Slik Austin, (LinkMoment).

Before or shortly after the 2015 election, President Buhari and his deputy Yemi Osinbajo were using milo sachet milk/tea and the APC zombie generation were all over the place chanting “Sai Baba” because to them, he was cutting cost.

More so, Buhari mesmerized these gullible Nigerians the more with a promise to dispose the 10 presidential jets he claimed to have inherited from the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Nine (9) months after the election – with a collapsed economy which has resulted in no fuel, no water, no light, no money, no security, no economic policy, untold hardship, suffering, hunger, padded budget, blood harvest, destruction of innocent young girls in the name of child marriage and abject poverty, etc., President Buhari is reported to have just acquired a new presidential jet to add to the 10 already on the presidential fleet.

Buhari Adds to Luxury Jet Fleet in the Midst of Worst Economy2