Nigeria Grinds To A Halt Due To Fuel Scarcity Under Buhari’s Watch



According to SUN News, “Nigerians are groaning under the weight of the scarcity as a litre of petrol which official price is pegged at N86.50 now goes for between N150 and N300. The situation, many say, is gradually inching the country to the precipice”.

SUN News reports that: “as at press time, the situa­tion has worsened. From north to south, east to west, efforts to ar­rest the ugly trend appear to have hit a brick wall as the commod­ity becomes more scarce. Most petrol stations across the country have dried up while long queues remain a permanent feature in the few ones that have the product.”

“In Kaduna, a litre of petrol sells for between N150 and N250. Already, business activities in the state are suffering as many business owners have to lock their shops in search of fuel due to poor electricity supply,” Sun News wrote.

Also according to SUN News, “In Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, and other cities across the state, the crisis is report­edly worsening. Apart from the scarcity of the product, the few stations still dispensing have inflated prices. Yesterday, most fuel stations along the Ogoja and Afikpo roads were all shut while few others that opened sold for between N180 and N200.”

“In Edo State, commuters are also groaning as petrol has remained scarce with only a few stations selling. While NNPC Mega Station and few major marketers sell at approved price of N86, most of the stations sell for between N140 and N160 per litre. The situation has led to few vehicles on the roads with resul­tant jack up in intra and inter-city transport fares,” SUN News reported.

“In Sokoto and its environs, with the exception of the NNPC Mega Station along Gusau Road, none of the major filling stations is selling.” – According to SUN News.

The story is the basically the same across the country even though the President Buhari usurped the position of Petroleum Minter to himself in addition to being the president of the country, nothing has being done to ameliorate the situation.