Pro-Biafra Protesters Confront Gov. Okorocha At Chatham House London (video)



Just as the Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha was about to start a speech at Chatham House, London, a protester walked up to the podium waving Biafra flag and interrupting the speech. Other Biafra protesters were also seen being stopped by the Okorocha’s audience. WATCH VIDEO.

This heckling triggered quick emotional reaction and expressed on Social Media.

Emeka Gift wrote:

“Rochas Okorocha is lucky today, next time he might not be so lucky. This is just a warning to every politician working against Biafra restoration. You people have created a monster that will consume you all. Today might be your day but tomorrow will be ours. We are proud of you bro (protester), God bless Biafra and lovers of freedom. On 9th of March 2016 at Chatham House London”