The Rochas Okorocha London Debacle – Igwe Emenike


Igwe Emenike, (LinkMoment).

About two IPOB protesters stormed Chatham house where the Imo State governor Rochas was giving a speech to protest. While one confronted Rochas, another’s voice was being heard at the background.

In England, everyone is allowed the freedom to protest peacefully. Even the police would not obstruct you. WATCH VIDEO.

The protester confronted Rochas and had an angry exchange with him. The white members of the audience knew that he was acting within the laws and made no attempt to stop him as long as he did not assault anyone. I noticed that some among the Nigerian audience threatened to throw him out. It is obvious they did not know that such language is not used here in England. That was a threat to injury and possible death. It is breaking the law which may lead to prosecution.

Eventually they made good their threat and manhandled him in an attempt to push him out of the venue. Well, in this land those who pushed him have assaulted him. It is within the protester’s rights to report the matter to police immediately. If those people came from Nigeria, they stand a chance of not returning until their case if finished.

The law in England is not a respecter of any person. Rochas’ status is not recognised in England. If he walks the streets here, hardly would anyone take notice. And the same goes for all Nigerian officials. And the law would not be bent for their benefit. Infact the law would be more stringent against them for taking advantage and attempting to humiliate the powerless.

Lastly, what exactly is the craze about giving speeches at Chatham house. I guess someone is reaping financial benefits from this racket of speeches. Failing politicians fly to England to give useless speeches. I just hope Rochas is not still deluding himself that Buhari would help him into the presidency.

Igwe Emenike is based in England.