“You Cannot Accuse Somebody In Public And Try Him In Secret” – Kanu’s Lawyer



According to Newsweek report, the lawyer of the Indigenous People of Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu stated that the Nigerian government has no witnesses to bring against his client. Nnamdi Kanu’s attorneys seeks to overturn a ruling that witnesses in the trial could be anonymized.

Kanu’s lawyer Ejiofor emphasized that “allowing witnesses to testify anonymously could allow the prosecution to unfairly prejudice the trial,” Newsweek reported.

“If you give them that, they will bring anybody they want.

“You cannot accuse somebody in public and try him in secret…They [the witnesses] have to come to the public and testify in public. Let us see them in open court.

“The point is that they have nobody to come and testify against our client. That’s the simple truth,” says Ejiofor.

According to Newsweek report, “On April 20 the same court rejected an application by Kanu’s counsel to have proceedings stayed while an appeal against the March 7 decision was processed by the Nigerian Court of Appeal. Tsoho ruled that Kanu’s application did not follow due process and that he would continue to hear the case until a higher court — such as the appeals court — ordered a stay of proceedings.”

The trial has been adjourned until June 20 and Kanu is due to appear in court for a bail hearing on May 5.