LinkMoment Acknowledges Distinguished Article Contributors and Writers



Numerous articles, photos and videos by various authors and sources are published on the Linkmoment platform. The LinkMoment organization commends and appreciates these authors.

However, as part of the LinkMoment’s one year anniversary celebration, some of these authors selected based on given criteria deserve special acknowledgement because of many reasons.

The 12 authors being acknowledged in this 2016 period are enumerated as follows (in no particular order):

Ena OfugaraAbdulrahman AlfaChidinma OnyejiuwaChinomnso Awazie,

Cade AgbugbaAmara VicksGreg AboloIgwe EmenikeAzibapu Lawrence

Anthony OgboKimberly Ogba, and Nnamdi Ukasanya.

LM Contributors

They are professionals in various fields and more importantly they bring unique perspectives, passion and style in their writings. The LinkMoment family appreciates their contributions tremendously.


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