Biafrans and Nigerians Protest In London Against Massacre By Fulani Terrorists



Biafrans and Nigerians in diaspora team up to protest in the front of Westminster Parliament in London against the Fulani terrorists who masquerade as herdsmen to massacre other Nigerians in their homeland. They could be heard chanting Buhari stop the massacre.

The latest incident of these mass killings took place at Uzo Uwani, Enugu State. The protesters believe that the President Buhari has done nothing or not enough in stopping these incessant massacre. Buhari himself is a Fulani.


  1. In October 2000, President Buhari travelled all the way from Katsina
    State leading a delegation of 5 men to the then governor of Oyo State,
    Lam Adeshina, to strongly protest the reprisal attack carried out on
    Fulani herdsmen by the Saki people of the state after the herdsmen had
    repeatedly attacked people of the area. his is an indication that Mr. President is aware of the actions of these armed fulani herdsmen and sees his tenure in office as an opportunity to seek revenge for his fulani militia brothers. His silence is tactical acceptance of the fact this is the time to fight back and he is using all the security opeartives to defend and protect these punch of devilish brutes and blood thirsty demons.

    Mr. President was definte in his declaration of War against the Pipeline Vandals in the Niger Delta but have manadated the Army and other security operatives to disarm these fulani herdsmen militia who are as at today been described as the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world. Mr. President by his silence and inability to disarm these men are aiding and abating herdsmen terrorism in the Middle belt Region and the South East of Nigeria. His ducile approach is tantamount to the fact that he might be part of the ideology that armed these fulani herdsmen probably before he came into power as the president of Nigeria. The way and manner these monsterous brutes are fraglantly exercising their killings shows that they are highly protected.

    Nigerians especially those of the Middle Belt Region and the entire South East and South South must have to device a mechanism of defence. It is obvious they are under attack and siege by the President Buhari Administration. The police couldn’t be relied upon as they kept giving conflicting reports. We won’t wait for such deadly massacre again. Not even the President was decisive about this. No need politicising
    this, it was such politicking that gave boko haram such strong grounds and today they are massive threats. in cases as this a strong and decisive grassroot approach is the best strategy. We should put senstiments aside. I don’t think most of the publications on the kilings were ficticious. Until we speak out in a very strong words and be determined to back up words with drastic actions these jihadist won’t back off. As it is we have no other option and to appear ducile in the face of these present realities
    is to make ourselves vulnerable the more. Since it is obvious that our past peaceful approach is take for cowadice and the law enforcement agents are on their side and our lands must neither be ravaged nor our people wiped out; therefore, we must secure ourselves. Self defence is never a crime and when a man is pushed to the wall any action is justified.