Buhari’s One Year In Office: All Hopes And Expectations Have Been Dashed.


Jolly Iguodala, (LinkMoment).

One year of General M . Buhari as Nigeria president, I can’t see any Changes as promised or can you? This regime has been blighted by gross ineptitude and cluelessness. All the hopes and expectations have been dashed.

The selective amnesia evident in prosecution of opposition party members alleged to be corrupt rubbishes Buhari attempt to fight corruption and clean the Augean stables . The Buhari regime also have these unenviable reputation for flagrant disobedience of court orders and utter contempt for the rule of law.

His failure to unite the country hasn’t helped matters. His naive declaration of 95% vs 5% has unfortunately played out in his appointments, such divisive characteristics shouldn’t be seen to be exhibited by the Nation’s numero uno . He failed to build on the massive goodwill that ushered his administration to power.

Ethnic animosities and clamouring for secession are on the rise. How did despair come to replace and erased our optimism of the Change paradigm or were we bamboozled by the Sai Buhari brigade bandwagon?

The economy is on a free fall while our local currency has lost it’s value. Power outages and fuel scarcity remains our nightmare. The social disequilibrium between the rich and the poor has widen unacceptably under Buhari watch.

The APC ruling party and Buhari have to step up their game as Nigerians are as expected getting frustrated and less trusting in the ability of this administration to honour most of its commitment which have been broken severally. A stitch in time saves nine!

By Jolly Iguodala,