Hausa/Fulani Soldier Executes An Igbo Civilian In Aba



“It is confirmed that the Nigerian military menace in Aba has claimed the life of another young man today in Aba,” according to Eyewitness account.

There was a scuffle between an Igbo and Hausa at the Ogbor hill area. The Hausas invited a Hausa/Fulani soldiers who on arrival took sides and executed the Igbo opponent of the Hausa man.

There is high tension and crisis brewing as a result of this in Aba now.

According to the Eyewitness account, the clash started when an Hausa/Fulani cattle rearer allegedly stabbed an Igbo man after some slight quarrel or disagreement. This provoked anger among the people who saw what happened.

As the people protest against the killing, it escalated and led to the retaliatory killing of two Hausa men at the place, and others scampered to the nearest police station at Ogbohill Aba, Abia State.

The young Igbo man who was stabbed by the Hausa man, died moments later, the news of his death made the protesters to organize and head towards Mosque Street Aba, where the Hausa community mostly reside. The area has deserted over fear of bigger reprisal by Ogbor Hill protesters.