Ridicule And Fraud Surround So Called Rescue Of Missing Chibok Girls



“On the news this morning, it says: “another Chibok girl has been rescued by the military Joint Task Force (JTF), her name is Serah Lukah, she was in Junior Secondary School (JSS 1) when she was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorist”.

“And I began to laugh, wonder and thinking aloud; were we not told that the students were in SSS 3 when they were kidnapped? Were we not told they were writing senior secondary school WAEC when they were kidnapped?.

“How then did Serah become one of the Chibok girls?. hmmm!, wonders continue, President Buhari and his abracadabra approach!. Meanwhile, Buhari met with the ‘rescued’ Chibok girl, Buhari made a written speech, okay o!, she is now a celebrity.

“Before I forget, the mother of the first rescued Chibok girl, Amina, said that her daughter has had four children for the terrorist, three of them died, the surviving one is the fourth. Now, let’s look at it properly, the Chibok kidnap happened about two or less years ago, if it took three months for Amina to get pregnant after the kidnap, it will take one year after the kidnap for her to have the first baby, if same baby died immediately after birth, it will take another, one to three months to get pregnant again. logically, by the time Amina gives birth to the second baby, two years have elapsed, now, is it up to two years those girls were kidnapped?, ha ha ha ha ha!.

“The irrationality there is that, if Amina uses less than two years to give birth to four children, I hereby present to you, Amina, the MOST fertile woman in the whole world. What an illusion!, there are no Chibok girls anywhere, they are working tenaciously to cover the scam, but in their effort, they endlessly expose themselves, we are watching.” – Abel Atamenwan

Ike Onwukanjo wrote:

“Nigeria is indeed a sick country. A terrorist invaded teen girls in their school at night, kidnapped them on gun points, raped and illegally married them off to themselves and start siring babies. Now they are gradually crawling out to civilization and we are giving them heroes welcome for the terrorist and kidnapping acts.

“Please can someone articulate to us why our government is rolling out red-carpet for terrorist? Is this the new terrorist policy of Buharia? We are setting bad precedent. If twenty, forty, eighty or more terrorist crawl out from their hideout with their illegal wives, are we going to treat them any different from the olive branch treatment this demonic terror man is getting now? Think about it!”