Buhari Shows Hatred Against Igbos, And Some Igbo Politicians Show Stupidity In Response


Igwe Emenike, (LinkMoment).

Buhari has made killing Igbos a major policy of his regime. He has abandoned any pretense of being fair to the Igbo tribe. He has denied the Igbos their own share of constitutional federal character entitlements. He is openly pursuing Igbo persecution.

The most tragic response among Igbos is that some Igbo politicians belief that they are exempted from Buhari’s hatred and affliction. This is where their ultimate stupidity is in manifest.

Does Buhari exempt any Igbo from his hatred? No! No exemptions. Whether you are in APC or were born in Daura; if you are Igbo, you are his enemy. Those who belief otherwise are naive and stupid so to say.

Buhari participated in the pogrom of 1966. Like some who took part in that criminality, his mindset is still frozen at that time. He is not a democrat. He does not give a monkey about democracy.

Many Igbo politicians and intellectuals are a disgrace. Where are your brains? You are watching someone organising the annihilation of your tribe; and all you do is send him roses. You openly kowtow to humiliate yourself to him. What has become of one time Igbo intelligence and pride?

The five Igbo governors of SouthEast are a shame to the entire Igbo tribe. I never knew governors can be this stupid and weak. The senators and House (boys) amaze me with their lack of political intelligence. What are these people afraid of? So to speak up in the interest of those who elected you as their representative is such a bad task and unattainable?

Unless the Igbos pull together to confront Buhari’s atrocities against the Igbos, there will be worst days.

By Igwe Emenike