The Triumph Of Tyranny: Femi Kayode’s Case Hurts Very Deeply

Igwe Emenike, (LinkMoment).

While there are many cases of what has become a clear case of the triumph of tyranny, Femi Kayode’s case is one that hurts very deeply. For daring to criticise the government of Mohamned Buhari, Femi has been denied his constitutional right of freedom.

What an evil! We thought Nigeria has gone past this stage. We thought we had evolved to a stage where we can agree, disagree, curse, bless, criticise, commend and walk away without anybody hurting the other through murder or detention. Unfortunately Buhari did not evolve with us. His brain was frozen in the wickedness of our past.

Buhari has no regard for the lives of Nigerians. He is not known to have ever done any act of mercy to any Nigerian. His heart is as dark as Lucifer’s.

Femi Kayode is languishing in jail for absolutely committing no offence other criticism of Buhari. Unknown number of Nigerians are suffering the same fate. Thousands of Nigerians have been gunned down by the Nigerian military at the other of Buhari. With Buhari’s support, the Fulani herdsmen are continuing their gory disemboweling of thousands of Nigerians.

Enemies businesses are being sabotaged and some have shut down despite the fact that this worsens the daunting unemployment crisis.

Never in our history has evil so triumphed.

This is the triumph of tyranny.

By Igwe Emenike