Onitsha Genocide And The Ideology Of Murder


Igwe Emenike, (LinkMoment).

The Nigerian military attacked a peaceful procession in Onitsha and some other cities in Eastern Nigeria killing several people on May 30, 2016. They took away their corpses. They also invaded hospitals to abduct the wounded in apparent attempt to cover up the atrocities. The number of the dead is put at 50 though it could be over a hundred. This kind of atrocity is bewildering. How can a national army engage in the murder of its own citizens for something as simple as marking the remembrance of war victims. Shouldn’t even the federal government be a part of this to emphasis the futility of war? Why should any sane person in this day and age be so opposed to remembering the dead to unleash this kind of death on the people?

The Nigerian military has acknowledged and rationalised its actions. It justified itself by quoting a rule of engagement which in their usual interpretation empowers them to kill whosoever they wish.

These are very sad days in the lives of Igbo youths. The Nigerian police have the constitutional responsibility to deal with breaches of civil peace. They are supposed to have been trained and guided by our constitution on how to deal with this kind of event. There is nothing in our constitution that recommends death to protesters. The army has usurped this responsibility in order to execute an Islamic murderous agenda.

A section of the Nigerian army has now officially become an arm of the global religious murderous gang of ISIS. The ISIS ideology was the same Al Qaida ideology that caused the genocide of 9\11 (September 2011). It was the same that drove Boko Haram (with the Nigerian army doing the Boko Haram job, Boko needn’t operate anymore). This ideology ruined Irag, Syria, Libya, Somalia etc. This is the ideology of bloodshed. It feeds on the blood of humans.

The emergence of Buhari meant the enthronement of this monster in Nigeria. Nigeria is reaping its bloody results. The Nigerian nation is bleeding on all fronts. Bloodshed is the commonest thing in Nigeria now. Benue state is in the grip of these ideologues without respite. Boko Haram is rampaging through Yobe and Taraba. Gbaramatu is under siege with rape and murder of women and children. These forces are bent on plunging Nigeria into calamitous chaos and limitless bloodshed.

Those who share the ideology of peace in Nigeria are paralysed with fear. Good Nigerians have been intimidated into silence. People are watching with awe and horror. Who will save Nigeria?

The atrocities in Onitsha cannot be forgotten. It is just a question of time. The perpetrators will be punished unfailingly in future.

By Igwe Emenike