“In Biafra Africa Died: The Diplomatic Plot” – Written by Emefiena Ezeani


by Agala Uchenna:

“While heading for an assignment, I over heard Radio Biafra broadcast resounding in one of the vehicles of a driver in a motor park and said to myself, indeed “Biafrans Have Traced Their Roots”, Agala Uchenna wrote social media post.

“A boy who is selling books, approached me and demanded that I buy the book titled ‘In Biafra Africa Died: The Diplomatic Plot’, Agala Uchenna continued.

“After reading the headline of the book, I grabbed it from his hand, engaged him and other passengers in a Biafran discussion and gave an insight of the meaning attached to the title of that Book, to their astonishment.” Agala Uchenna said.

In an interview with Asari Dokubo, he stated to me that “Biafra Is The Hope Of Africa”.  Also, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in one of his broadcast said; “In Biafra The World Will Be Delivered”.

According to Agala Uchenna, “for World Leaders to stop complaining of illegal immigrants, terrorist attacks, they must rise to speak against the mayhem unleashed on Biafrans the ‘Children of Light’.”

“Biafra is the ‘Eagle that lays the Golden Egg’, as I previously put it in one of my articles and you can’t suppress that truth. ‘Biafra Is The Hope Of Mankind’ and being spiritually anchored, no mortal can stop her restoration,” Agala Uchenna concludes.