PDP Reinstates 2 State Leadership, Sets Up Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committees.


FULL TEXT of Press Briefing by the National Publicity Secretary of PDP at the End Of the 74th NEC Meeting – Dayo Adeyeye

The issue of the removal of state caretaker committees. You will recall that immediately after the Court of Appeal judgment on the 17th of February and March n Port Harcourt, which gave our victory to Ali Modu-Sheriff, he set about installing caretaker committees in some states of the federation, particularly in Jigawa and Benue States. The Ali Modu-Sheriff group then in authority set up caretaker committees in both Jigawa and Benue States and tinkered with the executives of some other states.

So, we brought a motion before NEC today and the motion was duly passed.

NEC declared and affirmed the leadership of the party in the two states of Jigawa and Benue that emerged after the April/May 2016 congresses.

All state caretaker committees and state parallel executives set up after Court of Appeal judgment of February 17, 2017 at Port Harcourt to be passed and go by duly elected and return from the office forthwith.

That is bringing normalcy back to the party, installing legality and constitutionality.

We took a decision on the National Convention. I want to inform you that if you recollect, on May 21st last year, there was a national convention in Port Harcourt which set up a caretaker committee. That committee went about doing its work and convened another Convention for August 17 last year. That Convention in Port Harcourt could not elect new officers due to certain circumstances. The convention then asked the National Caretaker Committee to continue in office for 12 months, which will lapse in August 16, 2016.

We have been in court since May 2016. So, the prolonged litigation of the National leadership tussle ended only last week on 1st of July when the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court gave judgement in favour of the National Caretaker Committee, leaving barely one month for the conduct of proper elective national convention, taking into account the relevant statutory notice that we need to give to INEC and the requirements of the PDP Constitution 2012 (as amended). Practically, it is going to be impossible to have an elective national convention before August 16 because we need to give certain statutory notices to INEC. And our own has some special provisions that we have to meet and there’s no time to meet up with those provisions.

Therefore, NEC took a decision that on view of all the circumstances, NEC invoking the powers conferred on it under Section 31 (2a), decided to convene non-elective national convention on August 12, 2017 in Abuja.

People know that this party had been rocked by very terrible disciplinary issues, which nearly brought the party down completely. NEC decided to set up a standing Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committees. And the National Caretaker Committee has been directed to establish and inaugurate these committees immediately.

Finally, we took a decision on important constitution amendments that we intend to effect at the next elective national convention that will come up later in the year. The constitutional amendment proposals have been circulated to relevant personalities and organs of the party.