Talking NBA Politics: A Case Study of Ernest Ojukwu – by Nasiru Mukhtar

Professor Ernest Ojukwu, SAN

The official campaign ban for NBA election has not been lifted. When it time, I want to once again introduce the “Teacher ” the deserving man for top job. Strong, Visionary and Humble. His core values are integrity, discipline and professionalism.

He does not pay to talk to lawyers or law students as some amateurs are doing, his works talk for him. He gets invited to talk and students and volunteers make it happen on their own.

He is not brandishing wealth and going about in private jet as some are doing, nor handing out currency bundles to branch leadership. No, he is not. He is giving his word, his commitment and resolve to make the Bar better.

He is not whipping either sectional, religious or ethnic sentiments like someone is doing. No, again… he grew above those inhibitions longer time that he or any one can remember. He is a unique Nigerian that is absolutely detribalised, dereligionised and deethnicised.

So, my friends and colleagues. So when the ban is finally lifted, I will invite all of you to climb the mountains and give a call for the man of honour. Professor Ernest Ojukwu SAN.

Written by Nasiru Mukhtar