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JP Morgan To Remove Nigeria From Government Bond Index

(Reuters) - JP Morgan will remove Nigeria from its Government Bond Index (GBI-EM) by the end of October, the bank said on Tuesday, after warning the government of Africa's biggest economy that currency controls were making transactions too complicated. The removal will force funds to sell Nigerian bonds, triggering potentially significant capital outflows and raising borrowing costs for the government. Struggling with...

Nigeria Has The Highest Mobile Traffic Rate As A Percentage Of All Internet Traffic Than Other Nations

(NIGERIA MOMENT) New York - CNN Money published a report of a study conducted by Mary Meeker. CNN Money states as follows: The Internet is continuing to grow, mostly through the use mobile devices. New data released gives a glimmer of how this growth will change the global economy and workforce. Meeker, in past years, has focused her presentation on the business...

Nigerian Capital Market Lost N1.63 Trillion In January An Indication Of Crashing Economy

(LinkMoment). According the statistics from the  Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) showed on Thursday, the Nigerian stock market lost more than N1.63 trillion in January 2016 due to profit-taking and currency volatility. The analysis from News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) stated that the drop represented a 16.50 per cent to close at N8.225 trillion from the N9.850 trillion in December 2015. In addition,...