Xenophobia in South Africa: Arrests made over xenophobic attacks in Durban

(Nigeria Moment). South Africa - According to reported on April 10, by TimeFlyingBy, the South African police have arrested 17 people and opened murder cases after attacks on foreign nationals in Durban. The violence comes in the wake of alleged comments by the Zulu king telling migrants to go home - although the he says he was mistranslated. But Home Affairs Minister...

Radio Biafra Retreat in Japan (video)

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Radio Biafra retreat held in Japan. Watch video.

President Jonathan Commissions The Armed Forces Radio Station 107.7 FM

(NIGERIA MOMENT) Abuja - On May 22, 2015 President Jonathan commissioned the Armed Forces Radio Station, 107.7 FM. "I continue to be proud of our military and I urge all Nigerians to continue supporting their patriotic efforts."  President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, said.

Radio Biafra Does Not Need The Endorsement of Southeast Governors

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The governors of Southeast Nigeria rose from a day forum held at Imo Government House, Owerri, on Sunday July 5, 2015 with a decision not to recognise the Radio Biafra station. Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, at the end of the forum, said “the radio does not have the endorsement south east governors.’’ Anyway, Nigeria Moment believes that the...

Nigeria Moment Launches Radio Station

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Nigeria Moment Launches a Radio Station which is aimed at bringing you the latest news and updates including music and talk show. Meanwhile, the radio station features all kinds of music further programming is done as soon as possible. Access the station online via nigeriamoment.com/radio

APPLE App Store Joins Other Hosts of NigeriaMoment Radio

(NIGERIA MOMENT) Listen 24/7 Nigeria Moment Radio on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the link below to begin free download of the NigeriaMoment Radio app and install. Then Enjoy on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1024447947

In Retrospect: “Ghana Must Go” – Eyewitness Account

(BBC World Service" In January 1983  Nigeria ordered up to 2 million illegal immigrants to leave the country within a few weeks. The majority were Ghanaian. This created humanitarian crisis. However, Nigerian politicians at that time cited that Ghanian government in 1969 expelled Nigerian migrants. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p013t60w

Nigerian Crossroads: Mark Doyle investigates the Nigerian paradox – BBC

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Lagos - Click on the link below to listen to the radio broadcast. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01gg7gb "Mark Doyle investigates the Nigerian paradox. He reports from a Lagos international fashion show - and overflies a network of illegal oil refineries. He visits a polo club where relatively wealthy players favour Argentine ponies - and finds himself in a camp for displaced people which...

Radio Biafra Resumes Transmission On The Same 104.7 FM

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Punch correspondents monitored Radio Biafra and filed this report on August 23, 2015: Controversial pirate channel, Radio Biafra, has again resumed transmission, despite the Federal Government’s claim that it had jammed the station’s signals. The Federal Government had on July 14 announced that it jammed the transmission signals of the radio station, which was operating illegally from an unknown location. Our...

South Africa’s Johannesburg Marches Against Xenophobia

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Johannesburg - UShouldKnowBetter, reported that, "about 30,000 people are marching through South Africa's main city, Johannesburg, to demand an end to a recent wave of xenophobic attacks. Both locals and immigrants are taking part, with placards saying 'Africa Unite' and 'Welcome foreigners'. An anti-xenophobic protest is also taking place in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqyq_eQQTNA "........ The BBC's Pumza Fihlani...

Government Acknowledges That Radio Biafra Has Resumed Operation

Scannews reports the Nigeria government (Buhari administration) acknowledgement that Radio Biafra has resumed operation and that NBC claimed that it opts for signal neutralisation of Radio Biafra. Here is Scannews detail report below: THE National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has opted to neutralise signals of Radio Biafra, as the station continues its broadcasts after the commission claimed it had successfully jammed its...

Nigerian Government Says It Jammed Radio Biafra Signals, Meanwhile Radio Biafra Lives On

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The Nigerian government says it has successfully jammed the signals of Biafra Radio, according to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Shade Yemi-Esan, made this known Tuesday (July 14, 2015). The  people at the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation do not know that Radio Biafra lives on regardless of what they think or do as it is light years...