Angela Rayner, A British MP Addresses Biafran Protesters In London

(LinkMoment). A British Member of Parliament #‎AngelaRayner addresses Biafran Protesters in London on Wednesday March 2, 2016. She promised to support the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in their peaceful ways of seeking their rights to self determination and wants human rights organizations all over the world including Amnesty International to intervene. Prior to joining the protest, Angela Rayner MP tweeted...

Four Blind Men Question Buhari’s Change Administration In A stunning Song

(LinkMoment). "You might call them beggars but they are not, though they are blind. I call them entertainers, even at our worst we always remain hard working. Very talented and well organized singers/entertainers" - Emeka Gift.   English Translation of Lyrics Tomorrow he would travel to China, From China he would go to Cameroon, From Cameroon the last trip was Iran, Maybe next week, we would...

DSS Detains and Releases Fierce Buhari Critic And Blames Detention On Clerical Error

Adaobi Ube, (LinkMoment). The Department of Sate Services (DSS) operatives detained and then releases a prominent Buhari critic, Attorney EMEKA UGWUONYE, and then blames his detention on clerical / Bureaucratic errors. After his release, Emeka Ugwuonye wrote as follows: "I’m okay, guys. The fact that I’m writing to you from my system should convince you. But i have gist for you. This...

British Parliament Introduces A Resolution On Biafra

(NIGERIA MOMENT). "On this international human rights day you would agree with me that the violation of the Igbos tribe human rights needs resolution and the Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu should be released like my hunourable friend _______ has made representation." UK Member of Parliament said, on Thursday December 10, 2015, at the UK House of Commons. WATCH and LISTEN. The...

Prof. Soyinka Calls For More Diplomacy On Biafra – ChannelsTV

(NIGERIA MOMENT).   Transcript of Soyinka's Statement: "I said at the time, I wrote an article during the Biafra, I said Biafra cannot be defeated. People misunderstood what I was saying; I said once an idea has taken hold, you cannot destroy it. You may destroy the people, the carriers of that idea on the battle field, YES, this is known, but...

Nnamdi Kanu Wife Speaks: ‘My Husband Is A Prisoner Of Conscience’

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Okwu-Kanu said she had been able to speak with Kanu only once since he was arrested by the DSS as he traveled to Nigeria from London in October. She warned that her husband's health is worsening as he is no longer able to take medicine for "his life-threatening ulcer". Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra...

Chiedo Ekeoma Wins Essex Kent Cruiserweight Championship Belt – Iyke Ekeoma

Iyke Ekeoma, (NIGERIA MOMENT). "Saturday the 28th of November, was yet another successful boxing journey for my third son. He won the Essex kent cruiserweight championship belt. This will be his third win in the IBA World championships. Although Chiedo (The Champ) is an Engineer in the engine management department of Ford Motors UK, he is also a volunteer boxing...

Igbo Man Uwechue Emmanuel Dazzles Chinese Audience With His Songs in Fluent Madarine

(NIGERIA MOMENT). "Hao Ge (Chinese: 郝歌; pinyin: Hǎo Gē) is the Chinese stage name of Nigerian-born singer Uwechue Emmanuel. He rose to fame through a performance with Han Hong on the CCTV New Year's Gala and has emerged as one of the most notable foreign singers in China. He is Igbo." - Emeka Maduewesi

Human Rights Lawyer Explain Law Suit IPOB Vs. Nigeria (video)

(NIGERIA MOMENT). IPOB SUES NIGERIA AT FEDERAL HIGH COURT OWERRI - Read, Listen and Watch the FACTS of the case. Suit filed by SE/SS/Middle Belt. By the authority of the Supreme Council of Elders, I extend greetings to all of you. Welcome all of you. What we are doing is a history making event. You see, people make history and people read...

Gov Wike Targets Biafra By Imposing A Ban On Street Protests Concerning Biafra

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Gov Wike of Rivers State has imposed a ban on street protest relating to Biafra in Rivers State. (video)

Army Fires Live Bullet and Teargas To Unarmed Pro-Biafra Protesters in Port Harcourt

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Army Fires Live Bullet and Teargas Against Unarmed Pro-Biafra Protesters in Port Harcourt Source: Radio Biafra video

Nigeria Wins FIFA U-17 World Cup Hosted By Chile

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Nigeria Wins FIFA U-17 World Cup Hosted By Chile

Biafra Million Man March At Onitsha On November 6, 2015 (video)

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The Biafra train has left for good. Naysayers, Doubting Thomas, Skeptics, and Haters may continue to live in denial while the train moves with all alacrity, too fast and too furious. REFERENDUM for Biafra is the only solution.

Indigenous People Of Biafra Protesting At The Nigerian Embassy in Brazil (video)

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The Indigenous People of Biafra resident in Brazil mounted a protest at the Nigerian Embassy in Brazil. Watch raw video.

Nigerian Ambassador To Japan Addresses Biafran Protesters In Tokyo, Japan

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The Nigeria ambassador to Japan addresses Biafrans protesting against the kidnap and unlawful detention of their leader Nnamdi Kanu. The Ambassador got an ear full of response from the Biafrans as he repeatedly promised to deliver the message carried by the protesters to the Buhari government. WATCH raw VIDEO.

Deputy Director Of Radio Biafra Uche Mefor Addresses Media During A Rally In London (video)

The Deputy Director of Radio Biafra Uche Mefor addressing international media during rally to free the Director Nnamdi Kanu who was abducted by Nigerian government (Watch raw video).

Indigenous People Of Biafra Protests At Nigeria Embassy London To Release Nnamdi Kanu

(NIGERIA MOMENT). The Indigenous People Of Biafra mounted a massive protests at the Nigeria Embassy London demanding that the Buhari government release their leader Nnamdi Kanu. Watch Video

Release Nnamdi Kanu Protest At The British Embassy In Washington DC (video)

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Release Nnamdi Kanu Protest at the British Embassy in Washington DC. Nnamdi Kanu is the Director of Radio Biafra and Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Watch Video  

Release Nnamdi Kanu Protest In Port Harcourt

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Release Nnamdi Kanu Protest In Port Harcourt that took lace on October 2015. Watch raw video.   Source: Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya

Women Join The Protest to Release The Radion Biafra Director and IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu

(NIGERIA MOMENT). Watch and listen as the noble women of good conscience lend their voice to their worthy son. They are chanting songs to have their the Director of Radio Biafra released and for Biafra independent country Biafra.