APC Repression vs. Allison Madueke: Nigeria May Go Down in Flames

APC Repression Vs. Madueke

Anthony Ogbo, (Nigeria Moment), Houston –

An investigative report published by International Guardian, Anthony Ogbo examines the APC incoming administration repression against the Petroleum Minister  Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Here is the Story Excerpts….
■ A prevalent vindictive approach already taken by the APC in-coming regime led by President-elect, Muhamadu Buhari over petroleum issues has permeated the delta region with bitterness and anger. The worsening tension over continued threats on the incumbent petroleum minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke has been seen by various groups of the Delta as a retaliatory push by the incoming administration against a minority – their indigene – who stood up to the cartels who had always monopolized the petroleum sector.

■ But Alison-Madueke did not back off from the growing intimidation. She quickly responded by suing the Premium Times and 10 other individuals and organizations, obtaining an injunction, and restraining her bullies from “publishing or causing to be published any further defamatory statements in respect of “$20 billion, $49 billion or any other figure allegedly missing or unaccounted for.

■ In a fierce response to a call for his arrest over these comments, the wife fired another shot, vowing that Nigeria will boil if anybody arrests her husband. Hajia Dokubo-Asari had a different view of Buhari’s possible executive excesses toward his foes. There is nothing wrong with probing public officers or entities, but according her, “the probing must be all round not selective.”

■ During Obasanjo’s handle of petroleum ministry, bribery and corruption of the sector went global and defaced Nigeria’s image on issues of ethics and fiscal responsibility. It may be recalled that the United States government at the time slammed a punitive fine of $236 million on six foreign companies for offering heavy bribes to Nigerian government officials during the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency.

■ The president elect, Mr. Buhari was also not exonerated with issues of petroleum management abuses and fraud. His claims of modesty has been haunted by his past negative records of public accountability. For instance, as the chairman p of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) between 1998-99, Buhari failed to account for a missing 2.5 billion naira, confiscating all related documents and obstructing all investigative channels.

Anthony Ogbo is an Author and Publisher

Source: http://www.guardiannewsusa.com/repressive-regime–nigeria-may-do-down-in-flames–.html

Diezani Vs. APC: Buhari’s Vindictive Politics May Backfire With Fire

Madueke Vs. Buhari Media Vendetta

Anthony Ogbo, (NIGERIA MOMENT). Houston –

The era of sacred cows and god fatherism is back – but it is shameful that the Buhari/Tinubu’s campaign who invested millions on vindictive media campaign against families of their rivals would turn around and ban specific media houses for attacking Buhari’s family.

The photos on LEFT of screen are images of Ugonna Madueke, the son of Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, culled from the Premium Times. The APC blogger and propaganda outlet had for years displayed members of this family in the most contemptible format, associating them with fraud and waywardness.

But photos on the RIGHT of scree are images of Nigeria’s “Holy” President-elect, Muhamadu Buhari’s fifth daughter, Zahra Buhari, who lives in the UK, relishing in an all-bills-paid flamboyant lifestyle, coupled with an annual tuition and expenses of more than £30,000 (N8 million). The cost of Zahra’s photo session, coupled with her trademarks – Givenchy python bags, or Versace leather jackets contradicts Buhari’s claims of fiscal civility. A typical Givenchy Pandora Pure Python Bag beautifully structured in premium snakeskin costs about £4,490, while Versace’s leather jacket wears a price tag of about £4,010. So who is fooling who with cleaning corruption?

The truth is that if Buhari does not call his media attack-dogs to order, he may end up opening his long concealed annals of public account embezzlement and fiscal recklessness. Let it be known, that this time around, there are no sacred cows to media scrutiny or propaganda.


Anthony Ogbo, is an Author and Publisher

Guardian News Inc.

Obasanjo Confronted on Charges of Corruption by BBC Reporter

Obasanjo Confronted on Corruption Charges by BBC News reporter Steve


During an interview with a BBC News reporter Steve on the programme HARDtalk, former Nigeria President Olusegun Obansanjo was asked direct questions on his involvement in corruption during his tenure as the president. Obasanjo in his characteristic manner denied all allegation and won’t take any responsibility even when he admitted that members of his government were corrupt except himself. Can you believe that. TAKE A WATCH

This is coming to light after one of Obasanjo’s minister Obiageli Ezekwesili could not answer how corrupt Obasanjo was . during a recent interview conducted by Aljazeera.

Sanusi’s Alleged Missing US$20 Billion and PriceWaterCooper Audit Report

NNPC PriceWaterhouseCooper Audit Report Analysis

Abel Ude (ACA), (NIGERIA MOMENT), Uyo –

President Jonathan in line with Section 7(2) of the NNPC Act, directed that the 
full report of the PWC Audit of the NNPC accounts be released immediately to the public so that all Nigerians will be properly informed on the matter.

Following the release of the referenced audit, I have been reading several comments on social media on the report of Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC)  on the alleged US$20 Billion said to be missing by the former CBN Governor Sanusi. I am surprised at the proud level of ignorance Nigerians display when commenting on issues they know next to nothing about.

A whole lot of comments centred on the the auditor’s statement that in carrying out their assignment, “The procedures we performed did not constitute an examination or a review in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards or attestation standards. Accordingly, we provide no opinion, attestation or other form of assurance with respect to our work or the information upon which our work was based.”

People criticized the report on the basis of this and felt the report was indicting or that PWC was not thorough in carrying out its mandate. My submission on this is that the task carried out by PWC was not an AUDIT but an Investigation which can be termed a NON Audit Service. Audits are statutory while non -audit services like Investigations such as carried out by PWC are not statutory.

In an Audit the auditor is expected to form an opinion as to the truth and fairness of financial statements and compliance to local legislation and IFRS, however for non-audit service as this investigation the scope of work is not LAID DOWN IN STATUTE so it is agreed between the Office of Accountant General of Federation (OAFG) and PWC. This was clearly stated “Our services were performed and this Report was developed in accordance with our engagement letter dated 5 June 2014 and subject to the terms and conditions included herein. Our Scope of work included the following:

  1. Analysis of remittance shortfalls from NNPC into the Federation Accounts;
  2. Analysis of submissions made by key stakeholders in relation to these alleged shortfalls; and
  3. Producing an independent Forensic report detailing our findings.”

This Investigation was commission based on the inconsistent allegations of missing US$49.12 and later US$20 billion, the report started with events leading to the commission and the findings of the report was eye opening.

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)  had earlier explained that oil revenue for the period under review was US$67 Billion but further investigations revealed that actual revenue was US$69.34 billion. Actually total revenue remitted to federation account was US$50.81 billion as against US$47 billion earlier stated by NNPC.

A figure of US$740 million  excess remittance was established while further unverified indirect cost of US$2.81 billion was established this cost alongside other costs totaled US$14.16 billion. These cost are broken down as follows US$8.7 billion DPK and PMS subsidy payments, Costs directly attributable to domestic crude US$1.46 billion, Total other third party financing arrangement US$1.06 billion, and Equity crude oil processing cost US$130 million. If the sum total of these cost is net off against actual revenue of US$69.34 billion expected total remittance ought to have been US$50.07 billion but actual remittance is US$50.81 billion which gives the above potential excess remittance.

Also mentioned as part of the gross revenue is a figure of US$5.11 billion NPDC revenue, PWC termed the US$5.11 as unremitted revenue however the Attorney General Legal Opinion relied upon by the firm indicated that NPDC was to make dividend payments in line with its dividend policy alongside Petroleum profit tax, Royalties and signature bonuses. This term is misleading as we do not know the dividend policy of NPDC and as a wholly owned subsidiary the company has its own statement of financial position and income statement and as such could not possibly remit all its earnings to NNPC.

Hence to restate the figures of PWC,

Revised Actual Revenue will be US$69.34 less US5.11 which his US$64.23.

Revised Actual Revenue US$64.23 billion
Total Established Cost (US$14.16) billion
Expected Remittance US$50.07 billion
Actual Remittance US$50.81 billion

Please note that NNPC is entitled to dividends from the Net Revenue of NPDC so the term unremitted NPDC earnings is misleading. The report also mentioned NPDC as owing NNPC US$1.75 billion USD for NNPC’s assets in Joint Ventures with Shell.

The report exposed various means NNPC was fleecing the federation account through “computational errors”, reduction of ex-depot price for PMS subsidy claims US$36.05 million overcharge from PPPRA , increased ex-depot DPK price US$205 million overcharge, over claim on subsidy payment US$980 million, duplicated charges of US$63.7 million, approximation error of US$4.68 million, Unsubstantiated cost of US$305.89 million. These fraudulent practices are not isolated to NNPC alone most government agencies and the three levels of Government are cesspools of these schemes.

The now Emir Sanusi emphasised spending monies on subsidies without appropriation and I agree with him to an extent but he should note that the NNPC Act LFN 33 of 1977 states in chapter 320 part 1 as follows

“The Corporation shall maintain a fund which shall consist of –
(a) such moneys as may from time to time be provided by the Federal Government for the purposes
of this Act by way of grants or loans or otherwise howsoever; and
(b) such moneys as may be received by the Corporation in the course of its operations or in relation
to the exercise by the Corporation of any of its functions under this Act, and from such fund there
shall be defrayed all expenses incurred by the Corporation.”

Until laws enabling the NNPC operates the way it currently does are repealed we would only be scratching the surface of an Augean stable.

The claims of the Emir Sanusi where outrageous as regards the figure though to be fair to him he maintained that the monies where not stolen but only unreconciled and unremitted to the Federation Account. It would have helped the polity if the Emir had liaised with NNPC and the attorney general’s office before making inconsistent statements for the teeming uninformed population to feed fat on.


Abel Udi (ACA) is a Chartered Accountant.

Abel Udi (ACA)
Abel Udi (ACA)

South African Congressman Honourable Julius Malema says No to Xenophobia

Julius Malema says no to Xenophobia

One of the honourable members of the South African parliament Julius Malena says emphatic No to Xenophobia as he lashes out at the South African President Jacob Zuma in Parliament. WATCH …

Aspiring NBA President Ernest Ojukwu Promises to Tackle Judicial Corruption, etc. – by Umar Hassan


Prof. Ernest Ojukwu SAN has contributed immensely to the upliftment of the Nigerian Bar Association. He wrote the Rules of Professional Conduct and also played a prominent role in bringing to life the idea of stamp for legal practitioners.

He has promised to step it up a notch in line with current trends by providing digital stamps accessible to lawyers upon payment of practicing fees.

He has promised to revamp the undergraduate programme which predominantly determines the quality of lawyers available and is also going to gainfully employ young lawyers in special units that will be created to monitor cases of police brutality and judicial corruption which he intends to tackle head on. The Prof deserves to be NBA President and he has my full support.

By Umar Hassan

Talking NBA Politics: A Case Study of Ernest Ojukwu – by Nasiru Mukhtar

Professor Ernest Ojukwu, SAN

The official campaign ban for NBA election has not been lifted. When it time, I want to once again introduce the “Teacher ” the deserving man for top job. Strong, Visionary and Humble. His core values are integrity, discipline and professionalism.

He does not pay to talk to lawyers or law students as some amateurs are doing, his works talk for him. He gets invited to talk and students and volunteers make it happen on their own.

He is not brandishing wealth and going about in private jet as some are doing, nor handing out currency bundles to branch leadership. No, he is not. He is giving his word, his commitment and resolve to make the Bar better.

He is not whipping either sectional, religious or ethnic sentiments like someone is doing. No, again… he grew above those inhibitions longer time that he or any one can remember. He is a unique Nigerian that is absolutely detribalised, dereligionised and deethnicised.

So, my friends and colleagues. So when the ban is finally lifted, I will invite all of you to climb the mountains and give a call for the man of honour. Professor Ernest Ojukwu SAN.

Written by Nasiru Mukhtar

Memo to the NBA President: “Be Attentive to the Yearnings of lawyers” – by Inibehe Effiong


Dear Mr A. B. Mahmoud SAN,

I (Inibehe Effiong) wish to assure you that I have maximum respect for your person and office. It is not my intention to ridicule your office or deride your administration unduly.

All that we are saying is that the NBA should be attentive to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerian lawyers, especially the young lawyers who have been stigmatized and abandoned in the scheme of things and policies.

We are only seeking your attention. We want you to listen to us. We want you to give us a sense of inclusion. We want issues of extremely poor remuneration and income of young lawyers to be addressed drastically.

We want to see policies for young lawyers on life and health insurance, continuous training, harassment by security agencies and inclusion in the affairs of the Bar.

When the issue of the portrait arose, I deliberately avoided expressing my views on it. But when our attention was drawn to comments credited to you at the recent NEC meeting where you promised to discipline the young lawyer, it became necessary for us to speak out.

We should not send the message that the NBA leadership is intolerant and oppressive. Lawyers by their training are expected to be bold and fearless irrespective of the circumstance.

It is particularly worrisome that this climate of intimidation is ensuing under your administration. You vowed and took an oath to give us a BRAVE New Bar. What is bravery if lawyers are being cowed and threatened for expressing themselves publicly?

Seniority and respect are essential parts of the legal profession in Nigeria. However, we cannot deny the gross abuse of seniority. I do not think it is right to isolate young lawyers in Nigeria for derision. Respect should be earned, not forced. Respect should be mutual.

Leadership comes with responsibilities. It is a truism that those who offer to lead must expect and accept criticism, whether mild or blunt. The NBA should be a democratic association. People should not be threatened or harassed for speaking their minds. The leadership of the Bar should not operate like a military dictatorship.

Kindly listen to us. As a father, you cannot beat us and expect us not to cry. I urge you to exercise restraint in using the instrumentality of the Bar to suppress dissent.

Kindly reconsider your threat against the lawyer, Mr. Oladele Olubakin. You may wish to address the substance of his accusations and explore amicable settlement. But if you are convinced that his accusations are false, you can sue him for libel. But using the arsenal of the LPDC to fight him will only stir more controversy and disaffection.

Thank you as I anticipate your kind consideration of this innocuous Memo.

I remain Inibehe Effiong.

Prof Ernest Ojukwu SAN Seamlessly Combines Litigation with Legal Academics and Administration – by Onyebuchi Ememanka


Just like many other Nigerian attorneys, Barr Onyebuchi Ememanka notes in article titled “Ojukwu Will Be A Fantastic NBA President“, that “If the NBA wants a proactive President with the relevant experience and raw passion to deliver on set targets, then Ernest Ojukwu is the man for the job.“. This is because, among other reasons, Prof Ernest Ojukwu SAN seamlessly combines litigation with legal academics and administration.

The article first published on February 2, 2018 on a social media platform reads as follows:

“Later this year, the Nigerian Bar Association, Africa’s largest professional organization will go to the polls to elect a new President.

“Subterranean moves by the key aspirants have started. Horse trading and compromises are on. My money is on Ernest Ojukwu, a Professor of Law and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

“Ojukwu needs no introduction in the Nigeria legal community. He is an established legal giant who has, like the colossus that he is, bestrode the entire firmament of law in this country for over three decades.

“Ojukwu’s candidature introduces a refreshing difference. He parades an elixir of credentials which keeps him heads and shoulders above the others.

“The NBA has so far elected core practitioners as Presidents. By this I mean, core court room litigators. Ojukwu is all of that and even more.

“Apart from his established pedigree in court room practice, Ojukwu’s sucker punch is that he has seamlessly combined litigation with legal academics. Without any arguments, Ernest Ojukwu is one of the foremost academic lawyers in Nigeria today.

“Appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law, Abia State University at age 35, Ojukwu consolidated on the foundations laid by Professors Osita Eze and Oye Chukwura which has ensured that till date, that Faculty remains one of the best in the country in terms of legal scholarship.

“Ojukwu moved on to the Law School where he served as Deputy Director General and Head of the Augustine Nnamani Campus, Enugu. Those who passed through that campus will be quick to tell you that Ojukwu is an administrator per excellence.

“Ojukwu laid the foundation for Clinical Legal Education in Nigeria which revolutionized the training of lawyers in this country. Ojukwu through his legal education scheme, introduced a key paradigm shift in legal training.

“As the founding President of NULAI, the Nigerian Universities Legal Aid Initiative, Ojukwu brought international development partners like the Open Justice Initiative into strategic partnerships for the improved training of lawyers in Nigeria.

“In terms of contributions to legal scholarship, Ojukwu is a colossus. With several Law textbooks to his credit and an uncountable number of learned articles in International and local law journals, Ojukwu has paid his dues in academic lawyering. A former Chairman of the NBA Academic Lawyers Forum, there are perhaps very few academic lawyers who can match Ojukwu’s pedigree and commitment to the NBA.

“In terms of devotion to the NBA, Ojukwu stands tall. A former Secretary and later Chairman of the Aba branch of the NBA many many years ago, Ojukwu at the time expertly combined his solid law practice at his then Aba law firm, ELEUTHERA CHAMBERS, his job at the Law Faculty of ABSU and the leadership of the Aba NBA. Aba lawyers still recall with deep nostalgia, the Ojukwu days as NBA Chairman.

“Then too, he led a coalition of Branch Chairmen from across the country that waded in and helped resolved the leadership crisis that bedeviled the Association in the aftermath of the Port Harcourt Conference.

“Ojukwu is founder and first Chairman of the Eastern Bar Forum, the umbrella body of lawyers from the Eastern part of this country. The forum has over the years become a strong voice in the affairs of the NBA. He has, for the past two decades, served the Bar dutifully. Ojukwu has chaired several Bar Committees at the national level.

“Ojukwu’s dedication to law is total. His wife is a Judge of the Federal High Court.

“Ojukwu’s wide range of experience, active participation litigation, solid legacies in academic law practice, devotion to the Bar clearly put him in pole position for the job.

“Those who know Ojukwu and his abilities and prowess in networking especially at the International and multi lateral levels will appreciate that with an Ojukwu Presidency, the NBA will have programs with a heavy dose of international content. Ojukwu will forge key and strategic partnerships with top international agencies in the area of law development. This is a fact.

“If the NBA wants a proactive President with the relevant experience and raw passion to deliver on set targets, then Ernest Ojukwu is the man for the job. Without sounding immodest, the other aspirants are good too but none of them can match Ojukwu credential for credential, experience for experience and passion for passion.

“A man who has devoted his entire professional life to the training of young lawyers, who has made significant contributions to the development of our association and who has undoubted capacity to organize and lead should be given the chance to lead an association that defines his very existence.

“Let’s give the NBA something refreshingly different. Let’s give Ojukwu to the NBA.

He hails from Isuikwuato in Abia State.” – Onyebuchi Ememanka wrote.

Prof. Ernest Ojukwu SAN Articulates Plausible Manifesto to Lead NBA – Inibehe Effiong


Though I am nonchalant about the leadership and politics of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), my candid opinion is that Prof. Ernest Ojukwu SAN is the best of all the candidates to lead the Bar at this time. He is the only candidate that has articulated plausible, cogent and seemingly persuasive manifesto. He is the man that has the best ideas and vision for Nigerian lawyers.

The fact that he does not appear as the candidate of the Bar establishment is an added advantage in my view. We have tested “traditional Bar men” for too long and they have consistently failed us, saved for few exceptions. We should test the non politicians.

I see Prof. Ernest Ojukwu as the finest of all.

But like the typical Nigerian electoral contest, the best are rarely given the chance. We are used to giving the crooked ones the leadership pedestal. Our politics is not about ideas and manifestos, it is about ethnicity, religion and personal interest.

The NBA today is nearly useless to the average lawyer in Nigeria, especially the young lawyers. NBA has become a professional monstrosity that does not represent the interest of its members. We pay practicing fees and membership dues for nothing.

Successive Bar leaderships in recent years have not lived up to expectations. The politics of the Bar is reflective of the Nigerian political culture; money and godfatherism have jointly and severally fought and defeated credibility and charisma.

We, lawyers, have failed Nigeria. NBA has failed lawyers. Today, the voice of the Bar has been lost in Nigeria.

Lawyers must first heal themselves of the infamy that is afflicting the Bar before they can heal the nation. I am not endorsing Prof. Ojukwu. I am merely expressing my opinion on the suitability of his candidacy in contrast to his opponents.

I have nothing personal against the other contestants, but I do not think that they will be better than Prof. Ojukwu. The future Bar is for the man that understands what that future needs.

I have no interest in the politics of the Bar, certainly not now.

Inibehe Effiong
Legal Practitioner l Human Rights Activist I Good Governance Advocate.

IPOB Starts Radio Services Broadcast in Hausa Language

On Thursday, IPOB announced that its Radio Biafra will start broadcasting in Hausa Language to expand its horizon. According to a statement by the Indigenous People of Biafra spokesman, Emma Powerful, which reads:

“In keeping with our promise to facilitate the creation of an unbiased informative platform to take the message of liberation to the downtrodden and oppressed indigenous populations of Northern Nigeria, we, the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and it’s indomitable leadership, wish to happily announce the official launch of the much anticipated IPOB sponsored Radio Nigeria Hausa Service.
”The broadcast will have the widest coverage of any radio signal in Africa. It will be received all over West, East and Southern Africa. Every Hausa speaking community in Africa will be able to receive it.
“In our opinion, we feel it has become imperative to educate the poor masses of Northern Nigeria. “The ruling class cleverly enslaved and impoverished ethnic populations of the North by keeping vital information and knowledge away from them.
“This information deficit is what Radio Nigeria Hausa Service has come to remedy. ”All the hitherto hidden history of the conquest of indigenous Hausa speaking populations of the North will be laid bare for the world to know.
“More importantly, enslaved minorities of Arewa North, brutally savaged by Fulani terrorist herdsmen, through this unbiased platform, will acquire the necessary education needed to liberate them from the suffocating stranglehold of the caliphate born to rule class,”

PDP Enumerates Depressing Content of Buhari’s New Year Speech


PDP has described President Buhari’s New Year address as depressing, as it completely failed to address serious economic and security issues confronting the nation and for which Nigerians earnestly expected answers from Government.

In response to the Buhari’s speech, PDP issued a Press Statement on January 1, 2018 and signed by the party’s  National Publicity Secretary – Kola Ologbondiyan, stating that instead of inspiring the people, the address ended up depressing and annoying them the more as it held no message and did not proffer any solutions to the problems inflicted by the APC Federal Government. Other depressing components of the Buhari’s speech listed by PDP includes:

(1). “Instead of offering solutions or providing the indices for development, the Presidency deployed over 2000 words passing the buck, begging the question, making empty claims and attempting to appropriate achievements of the PDP administration.

(2). “What could be more depressing than the fact that the President, who is also the Minister of Petroleum Resources, did not give a clear-cut solution to the acute fuel crisis bedeviling his nation today?

(3). “The President’s speech neither addressed how to raise the fallen value of the naira nor how to rescue the labour market from the 8 million job losses and acute unemployment being suffered by Nigerians under the APC.

(4). “The address completely failed to respond to issues of corruption under the APC regime, including allegations of budget padding, secret oil subsidy deals, illegal lifting of crude worth trillions of naira, pillaging of Nigeria’s foreign reserve, diversion of billions of naira for insurgency related matters, all by APC interests.

(5). “Furthermore, the speech had no assurances on the worsening economic recession ravaging families under this regime; it had nothing on the dilapidated infrastructure and attendant stress on the economy, which the APC government has caused Nigerians.

(6). “Rather, what we heard was a boring litany of buck passing, lame declarations and barefaced attempt to appropriate and claim credit for achievements and landmark projects initiated, articulated and implemented by the PDP administration, including, the railway, electricity and agricultural projects.

(7). “We challenge the APC Presidency to tell Nigerians which landmark project it has initiated, articulated and executed in its close to three years of governance.

(8). “Also the citizens are eager to know what work percentage that have been added to projects that were being executed by the PDP before the APC took power by propaganda and lies in 2015.

According to PDP’s conclusion: “Nigerians have now seen that the APC has nothing to offer but has only succeeded in wrecking the nation and inflicting hardship on the people.”

“The option before Nigerians is to kick out the APC come 2019 and return the PDP, which is now repositioned to bring the nation back to the path of national unity and prosperity we all once enjoyed,” PDP concludes.



Buhari Begins 2018 in Bad Taste: Rejects ‘Restructuring’, No Mention of Fulani Herdsmen Menace


The new year 2018 has been kicked-off by President Buhari in bad taste. In his message to Nigerians on Monday morning, the President rejected restructuring as a viable solution to Nigeria’s problems and at the same time he did not make any mention of the menace which the Fulani Herdsmen continue to cause across Nigeria. Captured text of Buhari’s announcement is as follows:

TEXT of Buhari’s 2018 New Year Message
“In respect of political developments, I have kept a close watch on the on-going debate about “Restructuring”. No human law or edifice is perfect. Whatever structure we develop must periodically be perfected according to changing circumstances and the country’s socio-economic developments.”

“We Nigerians can be very impatient and want to improve our conditions faster than may be possible considering our resources and capabilities. When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure.”

“Recent calls on re-structuring, quite proper in a legitimate debate, has let in highly irresponsible groups to call for dismemberment of the country. We cannot and we will not allow such advocacy.”

“We tried the Parliamentary system: we jettisoned it. Now there are shrill cries for a return to the Parliamentary structure. In older democracies, these systems took centuries to evolve so we cannot expect a copied system to fit neatly our purposes. We must give a long period of trial and improvement before the system we have adopted is anywhere near fit for purpose,”

“However, there is a strong case for a closer look at the cost of government and for the public services long used to extravagance, waste and corruption to change for the better. I assure you that government is ever receptive to ideas which will improve governance and contribute to the country’s peace and stability.”

“As the electioneering season approaches politicians must avoid exploiting ethnicity and religion by linking ethnicity with religion and religion with politics. Such must be avoided at all costs if we are to live in harmony.

“In this respect, the rest of Nigeria could learn from the South-Western States who have successfully internalised religion, ethnicity and politics.

“Political discourse should be conducted with civility, decorum and in a constitutional manner. We all have a collective responsibility to strengthen our democracy and entrench the rule of law. We should draw encouragement from the series of bye-elections conducted by INEC last year which were generally violence-free and their outcomes adjudged to be free and fair.”

“We have since beaten Boko Haram. Isolated attacks still occur, but even the best-policed countries cannot prevent determined criminals from committing terrible acts of terror as we have seen during the past years in Europe, Asia, Middle East, elsewhere in Africa and in America,”

“Our government remains determined to protect all Nigerians in line with our election pledge and promises. On behalf of all Nigerians let me offer our thanks to the Armed forces, the Police, other para-military forces and traditional authorities who are working round the clock to ensure that you and I go about our normal business in reasonable safety.”

“Tighter police methods and swift and severe punishment for those proved to be engaged in kidnapping are on the way,”

“I feel deeply humbled by your prayers and good wishes and I am more determined than ever to serve you to the best of my ability.”

IPOB Petitions African Union Against Buhari, FG

IPOB Petitition African Union. Photo Source: Davina Diaries

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has petitioned the African Union against President Buhari and the government. According to reliable sources, in the petition, IPOB allege that the Nigerian Government through the incumbent Attorney General of Nigeria  including those in the judiciary have been using delay tactics to frustrate every case involving IPOB since the invasion and alleged abduction of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at his compound in Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia Abia State.

More so, one of the IPOB leaders Emma Powerful issued a statement saying that the petition became necessary as it is evident that IPOB have to explore other legal remedies outside Nigeria given that ‘due process of law is virtually non-existent in the country under the current Buhari administration’.

In addition, part of the statement reads, “Against the backdrop of well documented incidents of human rights abuses by the Nigerian Government and her security operatives, it has become necessary to escalate the matter to the African Union level given that both ECOWAS and Nigerian courts are terrified to rule against the Buhari regime in any matter concerning Biafra.

“We hope and pray that the African Union Court on Human Rights will prove to be the opposite of ECOWAS and Nigerian courts where the presidency determines every legal outcome or which judgement to obey or ignore.”

Moreover, in a letter of acknowledgement from the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, signed by Dr. Mary Maboreke, the Secretary to the Commission and addressed to the lead counsel of IPOB, Barrister Aloy Ejimakor, the Commission noted that it was in receipt of the petition by IPOB against the Federal Government of Nigeria dated 5th December, 2017 and received by the Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, on the 14th of December, 2017; and that the complaint by IPOB is presently being processed for consideration by the Commission.

As Fuel Scarcity Persist, PDP Tells APC and FG – ‘You Are Liars’

Fuel-scarcity persist PDP tells FG you are a liar
Fuel-scarcity persist PDP tells FG you are a liar

As the masses continue to suffer due to scarcity of fuel across the country, the PDP has accused the FG of providing cover for huge sleaves involving APC interest and to stop dishing out falsehood to suffering Nigerians. Also PDP says ‘the Federal Government has continue to stick to lies, particularly on the real reasons behind the biting fuel scarcity as well as their exposed attempt to pilfer $1bn from the Excess Crude Account (ECA).’ FULL PDP press statement is enclosed below:

Press Statement (December 27, 2017)

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the Federal Government of providing cover for huge sleazes directly involving APC interests and urged its officials to stop dishing out falsehood to suffering Nigerians.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan in a statement on Wednesday said it is completely reprehensible that the APC and the Federal Government has continue to stick to lies, particularly on the real reasons behind the biting fuel scarcity as well as their exposed attempt to pilfer $1bn from the Excess Crude Account (ECA).

The PDP charged the APC-led Federal Government to tell Nigerians the truth regarding its handling of fuel related funds, particularly the circumstances surrounding the exposed diversion of fuel funds in sleazy oil subsidy payouts, rather than dissipating its tenuous energy on name callings.

The party also tasked the APC Government to speak out on reports of fraud in the oil regime whereupon 18 unregistered companies were used to lift and divert $1.1 trillion worth of crude oil in the last one year.

“This APC Government is not only grossly incompetent and corrupt, but also a champion in the use of lies and manipulations against innocent and unsuspecting citizens.

“We all know that it was convenient for the APC Presidency to promise Nigerians that it will no longer import fuel only because the PDP government had already laid the foundation including revamping the refineries and ensuring a domestic production of 5 million litres out of the 25 million litres daily domestic consumption.

“Sadly this incompetent APC government, in its almost three years, has not added one litre to the 5 million litres which the PDP administration was producing.

“Instead of improvements, the APC has wrecked the system and now pushing the nation to depend solely on importation, while engaging in heavy sleazes in hidden subsidy regimes.

“Is it not also ridiculous for the Federal Government, in its bid to cover for its ineptitude and oil subsidy corruption, to announce that it is the NNPC and not Nigeria that is paying for the so called fuel subsidy?

“The question is; who owns the NNPC? Is it not Nigeria? Can NNPC spend a kobo without the authorization of the Presidency? Has President Muhammadu Buhari ceased to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Minister of Petroleum Resources?

“Moreover, if the NNPC, which is under his purview, has been paying fuel subsidy, who authorized the payment and who are the beneficiaries? Nigerians need to know the truth on this subsidy regime.

“We therefore challenge the APC- Federal Government to come clean on these issues and stop telling lies to Nigerians who have suffered enough under its deceptive, inept, uncoordinated and wicked regime.”

The PDP however urged Nigerians not to be forlorn adding that it has repositioned to stand with the people in the inevitable mission to rescue and restore the nation to the path of prosperity once more come 2019.


Kola Ologbondiyan

National Publicity Secretary

Dead Government: Buhari Appoints 3 Dead Men into His Government Agencies


It has been discovered that President Muhammadu Buhari appointed three men who were deceased months ago to run and manage governing boards of agencies and parastatals.

On Friday December 29, 2017, Buhari approved the constitution of the governing boards of agencies and parastatals which include 209 chairmen and 1258 members to fill the board positions.

The appointment was communicated in a statement released by the Secretary to the government – Boss Mustapha,

The appointed officers contains three men who have since passed away noted as follows:

  1. Rev. Christopher Utov appointed as a Member of Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research. Rev Utov, the proprietor of Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko passed away on March 17, 2017.
  2. Chief Donald Ugbaja as a Member of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC). Chief Ugbaja, a former DIG of the Nigerian Police, died on November 29, 2017.
  3.  Senator Francis Okpozo, was appointed as Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. A Senator in the Second Republic, died on December 16, 2016.

Bike Accident: PDP Prays For Yusuf Buhari



According a Press Statement in reaction to a motorcycle accident, PDP is praying and wishing Buhari’s son Yusuf Buhari a speedy recovery. The statement is titled “Bike Accident: PDP Prays For Yusuf Buhari…Wishes Him Speedy Recovery” and reads as follows:

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is shocked by the news of the involvement of Yusuf Buhari, son of President Muhammadu Buhari in a power-bike accident in Abuja on Wednesday.

We are however reassured by reports from the Presidency that he is in a steady condition.

The PDP as a family prays for Yusuf’s speedy recovery to enable him return to his normal life.

We also commend the prompt intervention by medics even as we value the concern of all well-meaning Nigerians for their prayers for Yusuf and the first family.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

PDP Elects Prince Uche Secondus as National Chairman of the Party

PDP Elects Prince Uche Secondus as National Chairman

Prince Uche Secondus has been elected as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party. He won other contestants with a total of 2,000 votes. Prince Secondus and the newly elected officials have been sworn in at Eagle Square, venue of the PDP National Convention.

The elective national convention which was held at Eagle Square was organized basically to to elect national officers of the party.

“Breakout” The Movie!


Breakout – Directed by Sylvester Madu

Breakout Announcement
Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit per year, second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime-Blue Campaign

“Breakout” is a powerful riveting tale of human sex-trafficking on the international stage. The Movie focuses an in-depth look at the trafficking industry, including rarely seen aspects of recruitment and transit to final locations; for the illicit trade in prostitution and sexual tourism. Trafficking victims can be found everywhere, including the US; however this Movie includes victims originating from developing countries in Africa, with a special focus and footage from Nigeria. The victims are ultimately trafficked to Europe, Asia, and the US.


Breakout was shot on locations in the US and in Africa (Nigeria); it provides a look at the intricate web in the recruitment of low-skill young women for prostitution around the world. The movie details how the traffickers gain psychological control of the victims, the dehumanizing treatment to victims, and the various criminal dimensions of the industry.

This movie is a must see for individuals, organizations concerned with human-sex trafficking, and human sex-trafficking advocates worldwide. It is also a must see for those countries that are severely affected or have their citizens affected as trafficked persons.

“Breakout” – Directed by Sylvester Madu.

High Quality Bags and Purses Made With Ankara and Adire – Lelookbags


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Orji Uzor Kalu’s Pro-Nigeria Speech At Lokoja? – by Igwe Emenike


I have read what I may describe as excerpts from Mr Uzor’s speech to Igbo supporters of the governor of Kogi State at Lokoja. The emergence of IPOB has thrown up arguments about what is the right direction for Igbo future. IPOB have stated their stand. Orji Uzor is probably trying to become the leader of the other school of thought.

Nnia Nwodo and Orji Uzor may share some ideas but they are not exactly the same. Nwodo acknowledges the facts of the oppression of the Igbos and attempts to position himself in-between the hardliners like IPOB and the compromisers like the Igbo governors. Orji Uzor is different. He ignores genuine Igbo grievances and peddles a bit of personal concepts and a bit of HausaFulani postulations.

At Lokoja, Orji dismissed the practicability of a Biafran nation. He argued that we can all join hands with fellow Nigerians to make Nigeria work. He enjoined Igbos to jettison the agitation for Biafra. In his own opinion, we can use negotiations and diplomacy to arrive at our paradise which is Igbo presidency.

Let me say that I disagree with Orji. We had already tried every solution that Orji had offered and it did not work. The foundation and structure of Nigeria makes Orji’s ideas unworkable. After the civil war, the Igbos pursued a pacifist ideology; we just minded our business and yet at every moment we suffered humiliations. Alex Ekwueme was Vice President as we played into mainstream politics. Azikiwe’s NPP formed an alliance with Abubakar Rimi’s faction of PRP in Kano and NPP won in Kano.

Was it not mainstream politics that Orji Uzor himself loaned PDP 500 million naira in 1999 to fund PDP. He Orji also gave Obasanjo who came out of prison bankrupt one million dollars to fund his campaign. Were these not playing mainstream politics? Where did it take Igbos? Has Orji forgotten how Obasanjo and Anthony Aneni plotted to destroy him? Who killed Dokibo, Harry Marshall, Bola Ige, Funsho Williams? We are usually too quick to forget. It is alright to express optimism about Nigeria but I am afraid to say that it is blind optimism and faith.

I recognise the need for these debates to go on. In democracy, debates help to determine what course of action to follow. The only problem is that our HausaFulani opponents do not believe in debates. They more often than not resort to murder as a weapon for political solution. To them debates are hate speech. It is only not a hate speech when they are the ones dishing it out. To them to call Igbos kafri, baby factory, drug peddlers, kidnappers, nyamiri is not hate speech but probably compliments. It is a pity that Orji keeps including in his comments the condemnation of hate which is directed at IPOB. And Orji is yet to give a speech condemning the activities of herdsmen and murder of IPOB protesters.

Orji and co are free to pursue their line of thought. IPOB are equally free to carry on with their opinion about Igbo future.

The Orji group’s angle looks like a continuation of the failed order. The IPOB angle has popular followership and appears to be marching on tremendously.

Written by Igwe Emenike

PDP Reinstates 2 State Leadership, Sets Up Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committees.


FULL TEXT of Press Briefing by the National Publicity Secretary of PDP at the End Of the 74th NEC Meeting – Dayo Adeyeye

The issue of the removal of state caretaker committees. You will recall that immediately after the Court of Appeal judgment on the 17th of February and March n Port Harcourt, which gave our victory to Ali Modu-Sheriff, he set about installing caretaker committees in some states of the federation, particularly in Jigawa and Benue States. The Ali Modu-Sheriff group then in authority set up caretaker committees in both Jigawa and Benue States and tinkered with the executives of some other states.

So, we brought a motion before NEC today and the motion was duly passed.

NEC declared and affirmed the leadership of the party in the two states of Jigawa and Benue that emerged after the April/May 2016 congresses.

All state caretaker committees and state parallel executives set up after Court of Appeal judgment of February 17, 2017 at Port Harcourt to be passed and go by duly elected and return from the office forthwith.

That is bringing normalcy back to the party, installing legality and constitutionality.

We took a decision on the National Convention. I want to inform you that if you recollect, on May 21st last year, there was a national convention in Port Harcourt which set up a caretaker committee. That committee went about doing its work and convened another Convention for August 17 last year. That Convention in Port Harcourt could not elect new officers due to certain circumstances. The convention then asked the National Caretaker Committee to continue in office for 12 months, which will lapse in August 16, 2016.

We have been in court since May 2016. So, the prolonged litigation of the National leadership tussle ended only last week on 1st of July when the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court gave judgement in favour of the National Caretaker Committee, leaving barely one month for the conduct of proper elective national convention, taking into account the relevant statutory notice that we need to give to INEC and the requirements of the PDP Constitution 2012 (as amended). Practically, it is going to be impossible to have an elective national convention before August 16 because we need to give certain statutory notices to INEC. And our own has some special provisions that we have to meet and there’s no time to meet up with those provisions.

Therefore, NEC took a decision that on view of all the circumstances, NEC invoking the powers conferred on it under Section 31 (2a), decided to convene non-elective national convention on August 12, 2017 in Abuja.

People know that this party had been rocked by very terrible disciplinary issues, which nearly brought the party down completely. NEC decided to set up a standing Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committees. And the National Caretaker Committee has been directed to establish and inaugurate these committees immediately.

Finally, we took a decision on important constitution amendments that we intend to effect at the next elective national convention that will come up later in the year. The constitutional amendment proposals have been circulated to relevant personalities and organs of the party.

Social Media, New Friend Of The Igbos – by Uchenna Makiavelli​ Stephen


All these years, they (other Nigerians, especially of Yoruba extraction) monopolized the media and push their own narratives that painted Igbos ‘black’.

They made the whole world believe that Igbos are the only tribe with faults and others are saints.

They made everyone, even some gullible Igbos to believe that Igbos don’t love themselves while other tribes love themselves so much.

They made everyone to believe that only Igbos love money and wealth while others hate money and wealth.

They even made everyone to believe, even some gullible Igbos that Ojukwu declared war.

They made everyone to believe that Nzeogwu’s coup was Igbo coup, even when it is on record that the participants of that coup cut across every region and ethnic groups in Nigeria

They even made it look as if Igbos are the ones looting the whole Nigeria dry and owing oil wells.

They keep pushing these narratives unchallenged, called us (Igbos​) all kinds of names and even mocked us.

Then, social media came! Everything changed! Even though they have tried to also control the narratives on social media by paying their overlords to push out lies and twist stories, but Igbos population and love for technology worked against them on this.

We are now challenging their lies and propaganda, we now tell our story. We don’t only tell our stories, we also expose their own follies and shortcomings too.

They hate the fact that we are not only challenging their lies but are also exposing their faults and hypocrisy too.

They are now angry! They say we are insulting people and we aggressive, but all these​ years they were lying against us and calling us names, nobody cautioned them.

Oh, you all thought it will always remain that way, ‘huh’? You people thought time will never come when we will get up and fight back? You people thought IGBOS will also allow you to run them down on social media in this age? You people should better wake up from your delusions.

We have not even given you all half of the insults you gave us all these years. We are not even dishing out lies like you people did against us, all we are doing is challenge your lies and dish out some truth about you and you are crying “insults insults, arrogant arrogant, abusive abusive, intolerance intolerance” up and down like headless goats!

We are just warming up, if you think we will lie low and watch u all denigrate us and push out lies and insults against us unchallenged, then you people must be smoking expired ‘Snoop Dogg’s weed!’

We will be here to tell the whole world everything anyone is doing. No matter your tribe.

On behalf of Ndi Igbo all over the world, I thank God for Social Media. It did us (Igbos) more good than any other tribe in the world. Igbo ‘ndi oma’, let us not keep quiet anymore. Time for sugarcoating and political correctness is over. Tell it how it is. Don’t mind the feeling of anyone who will feel hurt because of the truth.

If telling the truth will born the bridge, let the bridges burn, we will swim across!

I remain your humble nwa afor
Uchenna Stephen Osuchukwu

Culled from IgberePost

Sulvme Unveils Team Members – By Ikechukwu Kalu


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a group of people ….” – Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc.

Sulvme is an educative community designed for both computational interactions and daily updates & discussions in every area of life.

It includes a community where questions related to calculations in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other related subjects are posted and the sulvers in the community attempt to proffer solutions to such questions from individual perspectives.

The SulvMe team is constituted with intellects of different disciplines who are eager to revolutionize academics and make calculations and computations less cumbersome for all users around the globe.

We have a constantly growing team of graduates in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and other areas of science as well as undergraduates in different fields.


Visit: www.sulvme.com

Jonathan Did Not Order Reversal of Electricity Tariff – By Sam Amadi


I have read some piece of news suggesting that President Jonathan ordered the reversal of electricity tariff during his tenure as President. Since I have left office I have avoided issues about electricity regulation in Nigeria to give our successors the best opportunity to do better than we did. My understanding of public office that the best a former public officer should do is to truly step aside and be willing to provide advice if and when it is needed. In the best tradition of public service you don’t obstruct the new administration.

But I am constrained to restate the truth of what happened for the purpose of ensuring proper information to enable the present administration do their best to fix the electricity crisis. Throughout our five years as Commissioners of NERC there was no single day that President Jonathan ever dictated or instructed policy to the commission concerning any issue on electricity regulation. I am bold to state that President Jonathan was a great president to the electricity sector for fully supporting the independence of the regulator. My colleagues and I were determined to maintain the independence of the regulator and we found a very understanding President in President Goodluck Jonathan

As expected we made mistakes or took decisions which in retrospect may not have been optimal. This is expected in human society hence development and transformation are iterative, adaptive and path-dependent.

On the matter of the tariff, the facts are straightforward and borne out by records. NERC as a regulation has comprehensive methodology and business rules for regulating tariff. The Act, methodology and business rules put the responsibility on NERC commissioners who vote democratically for every such decisions, just like the Board of Governors of the CBN does for monetary policies. Every tariff we have issued from 2010 to 2015 did not receive or require the approval of the President. Only NERC Commissioners approved them

Before we issued MYTO 2.0 we debated on what to do with collection losses that discos collect from consumers. Two schools of thought emerged amongst the commissioners. One school, supported by most Commissioners, wanted the collection losses to be reduced to zero or to the low level of pre-privatization discos. The other school wanted us to keep it as contracted by discos and BPE even as it skyrockets the tariffs. After much debate the overwhelming position was to reduce the collection losses. When the draft of the tariff was issued, the discos protested and the commissioners had a rethink, revised the model and issued MYTO 2.0 that saw more than 180% increase in some discos for some customers.

The manufacturers and other customer groups protested this astronomical hike in tariff and sent formal petition. NERC business rules require NERC to reconsider the tariff at the petition of an aggrieved customer who petitions within 60 days of issuance of tariff order. Based on the petition, NERC held a public hearing at Sheraton with all disco heads and some consumers groups where the details of the tariff were presented and criticized. After the public hearing NERC set up a technical committee to review the allegations and conduct jurisdictional research on how other electricity markets treat collection losses.

The NERC technical team recommended that the collection losses should be set at zero and any disco that wants to have collection losses above zero should apply with evidence of its diligent effort to control losses. This recommendation was presented to the industry meeting where the discos expectedly totally rejected it. The NERC Commissioners nevertheless approved it through the usual process of decision-making and consequently reduced the revenue requirement of the discos, which then resulted in lower tariff for most customers.

This was a controversial but principled decision based on contestable evidence and value-based analysis. I am prepared to take slacks for any intended or unintended consequences of that decision as the Chairman and Chief Executive of NERC. I still strongly believe that my reading of effective regulation confirms that it was a good decision to internalize efficiency in the distribution segment of the electricity industry. But President Jonathan played no role at all in that decision. His ministers did not play any role. It was a bona fide regulatory decision that may be termed wise or unwise, after the facts. But should not be used to denigrate President Jonathan or the Ministers of Power.

The electricity industry is difficult to manage and regulate anywhere. It is a difficult job for anyone. So, we should support this government and its officials as they work hard to improve the situation. But let no be under any illusion that fixing tariff fixes the electricity crisis in Nigeria. This is a falsehood. In fact, privatization, as desirable as it, does not solve the problem. Obviously, there was a design problem with the reform of the electricity industry. This is the focus of my book in the making on reform policy in Africa.

But for now, take it from the horse’s mouth: Jonathan did not reverse any tariff. Sam Amadi and his colleagues changed the tariff through the normal due process and as part of effective regulation of the sector.

Dr. Sam Amadi, former Executive Chairman/CEO National Electricity Regulatory Commission, December 2010-December 2015.